This is how we started the day. And it was a good one. First we had this awesome breakfast. Just look by yourself. This was sooo good, we took something sweet & also something salty. The reals will understand. And the winter here is too cold that we deserved hot chocolate too. I was with my friend Kaysee and, I told her to build herself a blog too, so I could have a friend blogger with me in this journey. We did go to the L’Érudit Coffee Shop and found a name for her et started the project.

Oh, and I wanted to show you that I did bring with me this Ideal Of Sweden iPhone case, because it’s one of my favorite collab of 2017. It just looks like a luxurious mini wallet and I think this is so cute and elegant! You can put your cellphone in and out with the magnet inside and also put some cards if you want to. I have the 20% code «CAWINTER», you’re welcome 🤗. Go check their website there are plenty of choices.

So if you need a good place to eat something nice for breakfast (and good obviously) The Crêperie Lambert is SO satisfying. And if you need a cute iPhone case, you’ll know where to shop, those are honest recommandations.