I haven’t created one for Christmas so, here I am, doing one for my birthday. So, this is some ideas. As I grow up, I think that what I truly want cannot be bought, but there’s some cute things I would like to add to my future home.

Let’s start with my «Cocotte» by Le Creuset in shape of heart, and of course, pink. Nothing Less than that. This is Art. All adults need it anyway. I saw it at Eugene Allard’s shop and it was love at first sight.

Next, we have a set of double glass mugs, still, heart-shaped at Linen Chest boutique. And with that, I would LOVE a Milk Frother, please, thank you.

A Yankee’s New York baseball cap, or any kind of cute cap, black or baby pink. I’m kind of obsessed with pink, just so you know.

A book is ALWAYS a good idea. Outliers by Malcom Gladwell; I’ve heard about this one and it seems to be a good  »live changing book ». So I’ll give it a try in 2020, I guess. I’ll let you know.

One day I’ll be rich enough to buy myself an iconic Diptyque Bougie. It’s chic in a room and smells divine. But why is this so EXPENSIVE, I mean, you’ll probably say :  »It’s just a candle dude, calm down ». Thanks to their marketing, because I want one so bad. This is bad. I know.

Finaly, I LOVE Fruits. So why not spread those all over my face (I’m kidding, or maybe not). Glow Recipe & their INSANE marketing had me too; Bananas Moisture cream & Watermelon Glow Mist. The winter makes my skin very dry and this skincare brand is known for their multiple benefits, so I put those on my wish list.

Hope you’ll enjoy my little come back.